Updates: Delivers Personal Protective Equipments to North Macedonia . . .

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About You Power Purpose

Helping Next-Gen Leaders Discover Purpose

We are non-profit organization designed to help the next generation of leaders discover and drive their purpose, equip them with moral values and advance their social growth.




Our Global Initiatives

Creating Impact

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Recent Donors

Our mission at 'You Power Purpose' thrives because of the generosity of our global community. We are deeply grateful to our recent donors who are propelling next-generation leaders forward.

Why Join our Organization

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Ignite your passion, discover your purpose, and reshape your future.

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Discover Your Unique Purpose

Our programs and resources are tailored to help individuals delve deep into their passions, skills, and aspirations.


Empowerment Through Values

Learn to make ethical choices that benefit both you and the broader community.


Connect and Grow

With over 10,000 members across 13 countries, our community is a melting pot of diverse experiences, ideas, and cultures.


Drive Global Change

Be at the forefront of global transformation. As a member, you won't just be learning; you'll be actively participating in projects and programs that make a tangible difference in the world.

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